Product Designer
striving to make our digital world a better and more beautiful place.

I specialize in designing responsive websites, mobile apps, and design systems from conception to completion.



I also have technical experience in computational art, 2D media, and digital fabrication.



Hi, I’m Ari. Thanks for stopping by!

I first studied art + coding as a way to use technology to connect with other people. As I became more aware of how entangled technology is with our lives, I increasingly saw digital product design as an important pathway to creating meaningful daily experiences. That led me to design projects in addiction, cybersecurity, and education, and to get formal training from Carnegie Mellon's Master of HCI program. I now strive to make digital products more inclusive, useful, and beautiful.

When I'm not geeking over design, you can find me reading webtoons, drinking tea, and cooking plant-based meals.