June - August 2019, 8 weeks


UX, Visual Design, Design System, Illustration, Web Development


Patricia Yu (PL² Design System)

Redesigning an educational tool

PL² is a project addressing the opportunity gap for marginalized students through personal mentoring and tutoring with artificial intelligence learning software.

There was a low conversion rate of mentors in partnered schools using the PL² web app. As an intern at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute’s LearnLab, I led the redesign of this project to improve the app's usability, and ultimately empower mentors and school administrators to help their students reach their full potential. I collaborated with a fellow intern on the design system, our project manager, 3 developers, and 2 learning scientists.

The Redesign

Home Page

Mentors can now sort through their overview of students to suit their needs.

* A future version of PL² will replace the profile icons with photos

Admin Dashboard

Admins can analyze data through either sortable lists or graphs.

Landing Page

Prospetive PL² users can learn about and get involved with the project through the new landing page.

updated Design System

Giving Color Purpose

I collaborated with Patricia Yu to update PL²’s design system. We used more muted colors to more easily draw attention to the pops of blue, green, and red in the icons and text. We documented the changes in typography, colors, and several design components in a style guide and handed it off to the developers on the team.

Old vs new design

Home Page: Sortable cards with distinct text hierarchy

The new home page has visual cues for the clickable student names, improved hierarchy of text, use of the grid, and sorting options.

Admin Page: Data analysis and improved use of screen real estate

The secondary navigation gives a clear overview of the key features school administrators have access to. The list and graph views allows program administrators oversight of the mentors and students' progress.

Landing Page: An illustrated and informative introduction to PL²

I designed, developed, and illustrated an informative website to allow prospective administrators to learn more about the project, while also giving current users a more welcoming landing page. View the site at personalizedlearning2.org.

User Feedback &
next steps

“I've heard very positive things about the new PL² site... thanks for making us look so good!”

- Cindy Tipper, PL² Project Manager & Senior Developer

I worked with Cindy Tipper (our project manager and developer), 3 other developers, and 2 learning scientists on the project to create this redesign and hand it off for development. The designs have now been implemented, and have received great feedback from school administrators using PL².